I did not think it was possible for a single person to be so hungover.

Well fuck.


Well, it’s a start, SUKKAS.

Attention all MD/DO schools: This is a perfect example of the proper formatting and content for any and all mail you are to send to Mr. David Tran. If yours does not match this template, you may throw that one away and try again. Please and thank you.


First interview for medical school in a few hours.
I feel like I should be more worried, more nervous, more anxious. Maybe it’ll hit me sometime in the next three and a half hours, but until then
All I want is to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Dido - White Flag

1. Dido
2. Loop
3. ???

The xx - Sunset

Even now.
how ridiculous 

Bad Nights

turn to day.
It may not be a good one, it may not be a better one,
But it’s another day. 

Found out a few things just now:

Among many, many other things,

One: My mom thinks we have irreconcilable differences and that we should severe all ties and cut communication.
That was surprisingly sad to hear.

Two: My mom said (more than once?) that her biggest mistake was bringing me into this world.
That, too, was surprisingly sad to hear.

Now I’m sitting here breathing through my mouth because I can’t breathe through my stuffed up nose. My vision is all fuzzy and it’s hard to see clearly. My voice left me and I couldn’t speak, much less come up with some witty retort.

I can’t remember the last time I cried. Until now.

That was surprising. And sad.

Dan left for med school in the Caribbean today.

First time hes been out of the house/Davis for an extended period of time in ever.

Feels weird man.


I am entirely too fucked up. 4ish (?) shots of 151 and a bowl to cap it off spells David fucked up, standing in his bathtub smoking another bowl and posting on tumblr. Fun night!

EDIT (3:05 AM): I am now sitting in my tub. Standing was too tiresome.